Small Segmented Blade


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Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Segmented Blades



Small Segmented diamond blades are suitable for smooth and fast cutting. These blades are used for cutting tiles, bricks, marble, granite, slate and blocks. This is a very common blade with stonemasons.

Both hot pressing and cold pressing technologies are used for segmented diamond cutting blades. We are manufacturing Economical and Premium quality blade which ensures high quality and outstanding performance.

The center bore of these blades are 22.23/25.4 mm.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size of Blade

4 Inch (100mm), 5 Inch (130mm), 7 Inch (180 mm), 8 Inch (200mm), 9 Inch (230 mm), 10 Inch (250 mm), 12 Inch (300mm)

Quality of Blade

Economical, Premium

Size of Segment



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