Reinforced Concrete Blade


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Reinforced Concrete blade need a special bond matrix, as cutting concrete with heavy steel and reinforced is a difficult task. Our blades are designed to cut through heavy steel bars and give ease of speed and life. Our diamond segments are produced by hot pressing and we use high-quality steel for our Reinforced blade, to sustain the challenge to cut the concrete with rebars.

We can assure high performance blades and unlike the normal concrete blades which while cutting the concrete, are likely to underperform and get easily worn off.
To cut through reinforced steel concrete, you will need to use the right tools and our diamond blades are the best choice. Our team of Engineers with a vast experience has the expertise to design the reinforced concrete blade, which will yield fast cutting and a long life span in the heaviest of reinforced concrete with reasonable depth of cut and with wet cutting coolant.

We design these blades keeping in mind the needs of the customer, so as to ensure the following:

> Easy and smooth cutting

> Good cutting results and high efficiency

> Long life span and stable performance

> Fine finish without wobbling.

We also supply loose segments for these blades for re-tipping.

Segment Height (mm): 10 mm to 12 mm
Abore Hole Size (mm): 22.23

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10 Inches / 250 MM, 12 Inches / 300 MM, 14 Inches / 350 MM, 16 Inches / 400 MM, 18 Inches / 450 MM, 20 Inches / 500 MM, 22 Inches / 550 MM, 24 Inches / 600 MM, 26 Inches / 650 MM, 32 Inches / 800 MM, 36 Inches / 900 MM

Instructions to use

  • Inspect the blade for bending or damage during transit or previous use. Do not use the blade if damage is evident or suspected.
  • Make sure to choose the right diamond blade suitable for the material to be cut.
  • The spindle diameter and the bore hole of the blade must be identical
  • The material to be cut should be Hardened and firmly laid or clamped
  • Do not make a long continuous cut, cool the blade by taking away from the material for at least 10 second every minute
  • Cut a soft brick or sandstone to re sharpen the blade when it becomes dull.
  • Always try to us water as a coolant to prevent dust. Loud noise and the blade overheating.
  • Always wear a face shield, mask, ear defenders and protective goggles.
  • A protective guard must be mounted.
  • Inspect the blade frequently for signs of heat cracking or fatigue to the diamond segments.
  • Cutting blades are not suitable for curve cutting, circle cutting and grinding purpose.
  • Do not force cutting, it will damage the blade and cause the segments to break or even fly off
  • Keep the blade cutting straight forward, do not bend it out of the cutting line.
  • Never exceed the Max. RPM marked on the blade, according to different materials to be cut, the speed should reduce 30-40 % from the max RPM


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