Quarry Wiresaw For Granite (PU Coated)


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Diamond Wiresaw for Granite quarry has replaced the traditional way of quarrying of granite from explosive way of quarrying to modern technology of Diamond Wiresawing. This enables higher productivity and lesser material wastage and a non-eco-friendly way of quarrying. Arpran manufacturers diamond wire sawing with the latest state-of-art technology and high-quality Polyurethane coating (PU Coating) which protects the wire saw beads while sawing. These wire saws have 40 beads per meter and 11.5mm diameter with diamond length 6.5mm to 7mm with bead inner diameter of 8mm.

Quarry Wire saw For Granite (PU Coated) is widely used for quarrying and processing Granite. The Diamond Wire technology for quarry can widely improve the efficiency of Granite quarry and reduce the waste of quarry resources. These wires assist in quarrying large dimensions of Block and prominently boost the rate of output in the quarry.

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11.5 mm


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