DIY Continuous Rim Blade


Product Price: ₹/Blade. 18% GST will be added at the time of checkout.
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 blades


DIY Continuous rim blades are suitable for smooth and fast cutting. The technology used is hot pressing. These blades range from dia 105mm to dia 125 mm. These can be supplied either for dry cutting or wet cutting and are available under normal bond and long life bond.

Additional information

Size of Blade

4" (105 mm), 4.5'' (115 mm), 5'' (125 mm)

Quality of Blade

Economical, Premium

Segment Size

1.7 MM x 10 MM, 1.7 MM x 8 MM, 1.8 MM X 8 MM, 2.0 MM x 10 MM, 2.0 MM x 8 MM


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